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Looking back on the history, not forgetting the original intention, carrying forward the past and opening up a century of Fengbao - a glimpse of the 20th anniversary of Fengbao Steelmaking and Continuous Casting

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On September 11, with a high-pitched and passionate chorus, the celebration of the 20th anniversary of Fengbao Steelmaking and Continuous Casting was successfully concluded.

Under the unified organization of the company's party committee and labor union, preparations for the company's 20th anniversary celebration activities began in the first half of this year, and successively carried out column propaganda of the 20th anniversary of the company's 20th anniversary of the Steel Soul Newspaper, safety knowledge competition, essay writing, photography competition, basketball competition , Model workers preaching, party member activities, making large plaques for fixed placement, gala parties, etc. During the period, Wang Baoyu, Secretary of the Linzhou Municipal Party Committee, Li Maosheng, Deputy Secretary and Director of the Party Working Committee of Hongqi Canal Economic Development Zone, Zhao Yong, Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director, Fang Chao, member of the Party Working Committee of Hongqi Canal Development Zone and Secretary of the Party Committee of Lingyang Town, Lingyang Town Mayor Li Changshui, Yaocun Town Mayor Wang Mu and other leaders came to the company to congratulate and congratulate the company, and the Linzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government sent a congratulatory letter to the company.


Steel Soul News opened a column in April to introduce the history of the factory; the safety knowledge contest was held simultaneously in Special Steel and Pipe Industry on June 10. Special Steel and Pipe Industry selected 42 players from 7 teams to participate, and the high-energy team , The representative team of Pipe Industry 89 Factory won the first place. The call for essays started on June 22, and a total of 183 essays were received. Among them, 6 winning essays were selected. The Power Plant Donghuizhou's "Take off Fengbao, Your Tomorrow Will Be Better" won the first prize. A total of 400 photographic works were received, and the work "Responsibility" provided by Feng Wei of the Petroleum Special Pipe Branch won the first prize. There were 4 teams participating in the employee basketball game, and after many games, the management team won the championship in the end. The company's provincial and municipal model workers and winners of the May 1st Labor Medal conducted several lectures to create a strong atmosphere of love and dedication and scientific and technological research. All the party members of the group went to the Hebi Shilin Red Revolutionary Education Base to study, felt the difficulties of the ancestors in starting a business, cherished their achievements, and forged ahead. Make large plaques and place them in the factory to create an atmosphere.


On the evening of September 11, a grand gala was held at the Special Steel Company, with splendid programs and a perfect ending for the 20th anniversary celebration of the entire factory.


As General Manager Li Jingmin said in his speech on the 20th anniversary of the factory, Fengbao people will contribute to the realization of the enterprise's purpose of "developing enterprises, enriching employees, and repaying the society" and building a "green special steel strong enterprise" and "a world-renowned seamless steel pipe enterprise". "The strategic goal of "building a world brand of axles", continue to maintain the passion and courage of hard work, and jointly move towards a better tomorrow.





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