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Li Jingmin general manager of steel mills and oil pipeline branch company routine safety comprehensive inspection

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On October 3rd and 4th, General Manager Li Jingmin led relevant personnel from the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Equipment Department, the Ministry of Armed Protection and other departments to carry out a routine comprehensive inspection of production safety, environmental protection, equipment and fire protection respectively for steel mills and tubing branch companies in the pipe industry. Mr. Li thanked everyone for sticking to their posts during the holiday and put forward requirements for the inspection.


In the steel mill, Li general pointed out that the party's 20th national congress is approaching, the whole country attaches great importance to the work of safety, we must always make unremitting efforts. Steel works is the company's main units of safety production, "steel eight" are involved in steel works, higher departments of inspection is to encourage and urge, work more to rely on our initiative to do, do well. All levels of management must be responsible for the safety work in their respective jurisdictions, and failure to do so is a crime.

In the oil pipe branch, Mr. Li respectively to 340 line, 180 line, special pipe production line inspection. At the briefing meeting, General Li pointed out that the management and processing is the focus of the group's transformation and upgrading in the future. From the beginning, it is necessary to do a good job in basic management, strengthen staff training, form a sense of high standards and strict norms of behavior, and continue to improve the management level to ensure safe, efficient production and a good working environment.


Li stressed that security is to check hidden dangers, can not be dignified, can not become a formality, safety management to do the real position, play a role. The hidden dangers to be identified to be graded, can be rectified immediately, can not be rectified immediately within the time limit of rectification rectification in place.

The person in charge of the inspected unit made a statement respectively.











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