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Internal communication, learn from each other and make progress together

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On October 20, 2022, under the organization of the Enterprise Development Planning Department of Fengbao Special Steel Group, a delegation of more than 70 persons from branches and workshops of Special Steel, Heavy Industry Science and Technology, and High Energy went to Plant 89 of the management company to observe and learn.


Standing on the visiting platform, everyone was attracted by the clean, orderly, safe and efficient production site environment of Factory 89. Everyone went to the Party building activity room, KPI operation room, training room, model worker room, quality inspection station team activity room, workshop team activity room and staff activity room of Factory 89 to visit and learn. The person in charge of Plant 89 shared with everyone the achievements of Plant 89 in all aspects over the past four years from its commissioning to the present, focusing on TPM and lean safety, consolidating basic management, realizing management innovation and efficient production, and gradually growing into a new window for enterprise standardized management. In the training room of Plant 89, we listened to the reports such as "Key Points for Improving Steel Tube Yield Control", "Grass roots Implementation, Safety and Environmental Protection, Quality and Output, Team Culture", and especially the mature application of various methods of TPM equipment lean management and the sharing of practical results won applause.


After listening to the experience sharing of the relevant personnel of Plant 89, all units said that they would take this exchange activity as an opportunity to learn and understand carefully, make a good summary of the exchange feelings according to the "PDCA", seize the main contradictions, according to the characteristics of the unit, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, improve management, and improve indicators.

This activity is to earnestly implement the spirit of the Group's 800th Manager's Office Meeting, visit and learn from the TPM and lean safety 5S management experience of 89 plants in the management industry, learn from each other's strengths and achieve the goal of common progress.




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