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Li Jingmin, General Manager, conducted routine comprehensive safety inspection for Pipe Industry 159 Plant and Special Steel Ironmaking Plant

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On October 26 and 27, Li Jingmin, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Henan Fengbao Special Steel Group, organized relevant departments to conduct routine comprehensive safety inspection for 159 Plant of the Pipe Company and Ironmaking Plant of the Special Steel Company.


At the 159 factory of the pipe company, according to the information learned from the on-site inspection and the inspection reports of each group, Mr. Li pointed out that safety should be put first at all times. 159 Factory has a heavy production task throughout the year. The leaders of the branch factory are familiar with all aspects of the situation, and the specific work is being implemented step by step. President Li emphasized that 159 Factory should strengthen the construction of professional staff. In the ironmaking plant of Special Steel Company, Mr. Li asked about the operation of safety sources and environmental protection facilities, and went to the sintering production line to find out the specific situation. It is required to give full play to the scientific and technological strength in the management of safety, environmental protection, equipment and other work, and all those that can be replaced by machinery should be replaced by machinery.

President Li emphasized that security inspection is to inspect hidden dangers, and failure to do so is a crime. For the identified hidden dangers that cannot be rectified immediately, a hierarchical list shall be made, and the responsibility shall be assigned to each person. The hidden dangers shall be thoroughly rectified within a time limit.







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